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Frequently Asked Questions

• What is your phone number? And can I place an order over the phone?

A- Our phone number is 805.765.2845, we can take an order over the phone although we suggest you do them through the web store because they get entered into our design que quicker, that way we are sure to have every detail filled out correctly.

• What are your hours?

A- M-F 9am-5pm, although we typically work past 5, and if we need to the weekends to fill orders in a timely manner.

HIGHLIGHT COLOR we get asked this a lot

• On the graphic kit order form what is the highlight color?

A • Because all of our designs are different there is no set highlight color, if you want the base artwork to look like it does in the proof, just put "same as proof", but because we custom print the graphics you could specify certain elements in the artwork to be different colors from what is shown in the proof, for example, the KTM Balt Series it is made of black, silver, and KTM orange, you could specify, turn KTM orange to Honda Red, and all the art that is orange will be turned to red. If you want to specify color changes by each part of the bike you can get more details in the orders notes section.

• How long will it take to recieve my graphics?

A- Production depends on various factors. Typically, orders ship within 5-10 business days of the order being processed. During our busy time of the year and the level of complexity of the product, it may take longer.  Since everything we do is custom made to order turnaround times vary day to day, a good rule of thumb is to always order ahead of time.  If a proof is requested prior to production the delivery time may be extended as well. 

• Why is there a $25 proof charge to see the graphics before they are printed?

A- Our printing process is very complicated and requires a very specific way the art is layered and set up in order to print correctly. Unfortunately that is in a non viewable format, so in order to make the design look like the final printed product it takes a lot of time to redesign the art, export to other design software, color correct and export a viewable digital pre production proof. In order to streamline operations and provide graphics as fast as we can the proof charge is an optional upgrade that has allowed us to ship and complete orders much faster.

• I got my backgrounds or graphics but why do they not fit?

A- We will double check all order details and determine where the problem has occured.  If the problem is on our end, we will completely warranty the product. If you accidently ordered the wrong product, we will work with you (within reason) to correct it.

• How do I put my stickers on?

A- We reccommend application be done on a clean (preferably new) set of plastic with a heat gun, squegee and Windex. First, clean the plastic with a paper towel and brake cleaner, then clean again with Windex. Remove the decal from the liner sheet and spray it with Windex. Align the decal on the plastic and starting from the center, use the squegee to work the Windex out of the material. Use a heat gun as neccessary to warm up the vinyl and make it more conformable as you apply the sticker. Take your time and do not rush the application. Please wait at least 24 hours before use after installing with Windex.

Note: Do NOT apply decals to a Leatt brace or Atlas brace using Windex. Make sure the brace is clean, dry and free of dirt prior to installation.

• Why do you suggest using Windex for installation? Won't that make them not stick?

A- Windex will allow the installer to place the decal on the plastic and slightly move it for a better alignment. Windex will not compromise the adhesive in any way, however dirt, residue or debris can. Making sure the plastic is clean prior to the install is mandatory.  New plastic has a mold release coating that needs to be removed with brake cleaner. After using brake cleaner, use a new towel with Windex to remove any brake cleaner residue.